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From Arody Godoy - 5 Aug 2005

I really think that cruelty to chickens is wrong and as I have different religious beliefs, I believe that children and ANIMALS (as they both are our future) shouldn't be killed unless they pose as a threat or danger and chickens are very friendly and nice creatures.  I know this because I had three chicken and I loved them very much and I would always play with them outside, feed them corn and dried nuts, give them a very large bowl of water and keep them in a fairly large shed with windows and hay. 

I felt sad when one of the neighbors called animal control and they took them away, but they felt sorry for them and me so they told me to find them another home (I lived in a suburb) because it was illegal there, I had given the chickens to my uncle, but I felt very heart broken when I found out that they all have had my chickens killed at a butcher shop in Chicago and have eaten them themselves along with the rest of the family.  Now I hate my uncle and the family for eating my " friends". 

Since that day I have felt love for all those tortured chickens out there as I loved and cared for my chickens, and since that day I don't eat chicken.  I did eat eggs that my one hen lays randomly.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Thank you very much for sending us your email and for telling us about your chickens.

It is so sad that some people don't have the compassion for other living beings.

People can have the same kinds of loving relationship with all farm animals, just as you had with your chickens. We need to expand these relationships.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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