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From Sally Crowe - 2 Oct 2005

Having stumbled upon your site when I was searching the net for sheepskin products I can assure you that the photos of mulesing you use on your site portray an unfair image of australian farmers. I worked in the shearing sheds for 8 months and can assure you that sheep suffer far more if left unmulsed. Why don't you show photos of fly blown sheep so that sensible, intelligent people can make up their own minds as to whether mulsing is cruel or not.

Also the photos you use of a man mulsing sheep does not correctly protray the amount of skin removed, if it is done correctly as it is on thousands of farms there is no open wound, I myself have helped at this job and never saw any cuts as large as those you show.

Sites's like yours make me mad. Us farmers around the world do not all treat ours animals the way you show. I would say the majority of us farmers treat our animals with care and respect- why else would we work such long hours for such low wages.

Miss Sally Crowe

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Sally:

Thank you for writing.

From our own investigations, and from those of others, these photos are not that unusual, and we're afraid your skirting the real problem, which is animal exploitation. These sheep were bred this way and with these problems to produce their fine wool. Their blowfly susceptibility and the need for mulesing are both human produced problems for which the sheep suffer.

If there isn't a humane way to produce wool, then we shouldn't have it.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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