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From Brian and Christina Fuller - 21 Oct 2005

I appreciate your website and the photos. Just wanted to let you know there is one photo that seems a bit inaccurate. The dairy 07 and 08 is a cow just prior to birth. Often their udders swell like this prior to birth. It is not human cruelty that causes this but just a natural phase of birth preparation. Its called Endema. Even humans do this when milk comes in. I have been known to massage edemic udders with warm compresses to help the pain. Keeping babies with mommas as long as possible helps with the swelling too.

We have a grass based dairy operation based on biblical principles. We keep cows and calves together. It is far from a confinement operation. We have purchased/rescued cows and calves from large dairies and it is sickening the treatment. We take the ear tags out as soon as possible. I brought one baby calf home in the back seat of the car, she was so weak, I don't think she would have made it home any other way. Her hutch was on a bed of gravel. She was skin and bones. She hadn't been fed in so long she didn't pee the whole ride home, 3.5 hours. She also had the short chain around the neck. Here on our farm we put her back on a bottle. She is nearly six months old still fed from a bottle. If we had her momma she would still be with her. She walks in a green pasture with one calf her age. She has a 20 by 20 shed with wonderful fresh straw daily for shelter. A far cry from the gravel and itty bitty hutch. Its hard to believe she was so tiny and so sick.

We also have chickens that run all over our farm. They enjoy the sunshine and scratch up my garden for bugs. I think things have gotten really bad out there, but there seems to be a movement called Christian Agrarianism that is bringing back farming to small non industrial levels working symbiotically with animals. Keeping complementary animals together like chickens ranging with cows to keep down annoying bugs that bother cows.

How do you reconcile the need for animal sacrifices in the bible with cruelty? Many a beast had throats slit due to the sin of man. I look forward to eternal life where this kind of thing doesn't have to happen anymore.

May God Bless you as you share the truth behind industrialized farming practices.

Brian and Christina Fuller

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Brian and Christina:

Thank you very much for writing and for telling us about your farm and rescues. It truly sounds like a blessing compared to the horrors we've seen, including those owned and operated by supposed Christians. You are definitely raising the animals according to Biblical principals.

Our understanding is that the cow in photos 7 and 8 has a severe case of mastitis. Farm Sanctuary has rescued a few with severe mastitis that even recurs when the cow is no longer pregnant or being milked.

The entire sacrificial system is part of God's concession to lead people back to living Godly lives. It is not God's intent, since it was not part of the Eden Creation and only came into existence after the Fall. Jesus, as the final sacrifice, did away with the "need" for any animal sacrifices, and even the Jewish people ended the sacrificial system in 70 CE. You might be interested in one of our published sermons on this subject of concession vs. will. 

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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