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From Amanda Hislop - 18 Nov 2005

My name is Amanda Hislop and I am 14 years old and live in New Zealand. I have a pet rabbit named Ernie and she is my best friend and I'm sure I am hers too! I love Ernie so much. She once belonged to one of my neighbours, but when they moved they left Ernie behind, so I decided that I would take care of her.

Ernie has a enormous hutch. I don't like to think of Ernie's house as a cage, as: a) she's very rarely in there and b) I think a cage is what you would describe very poorly treated rabbits living in. I let her out to play everyday in my backyard and quite often I bring her inside where she can run around, watch television with me (although she quite often falls asleep - I don't think CNN is her favourite channel...) and lounge about on pillows. Sometimes Ernie simply prefers to stay in her house, as she loves to sleep there and rub against the wood.

Ernie loves our bathroom. Every time I bring her inside, I put her in the bathroom while I make sure everything is safe for her to be able to roam around. When I go back to get her, she's spread out, nice and comfortable (leaning against something of course, being the lazy rabbit that she is!) either chewing on a stick or fast asleep. Little madam!

Ernie is an Albino rabbit with a brown nose, brown ears, brown tail and grey paws. I'm not too sure on her age, but I am presuming about 4 to 5 years old.

I was browsing the internet for cute rabbit pictures to put up on my bedroom wall when I came across your site. I browsed through all the pictures, even enlarging many of them to assure myself that what I was seeing was actually happening to millions of rabbits every year. I was reduced to tears when I saw the image of the rabbit who had been hit on the head with a pole then hung by her hind leg, only to be stripped of her fur/skin after. I think it is disgusting. Your site speaks of these people being inhumane, but I don't think we can even call them that because to me that is an over statement.

I know rabbits have feelings because Ernie always goes through her moods. Some days she's grumpy, other days she's extremely hyper-active and some days she's just plain old happy. Though the emotions and the pain that those rabbits shown on your site have to suffer cannot even be described by words.

If I could, and if I was allowed, and if I had the money to do so, I would fly to countries and adopt any/every abused rabbit and bring them back to my house where I would care for them the way a rabbit should be cared for - they should be treated the way we would like to be treated.

I also try my hardest not to purchase products tested on animals for fear that the animals tested on were, in particular, rabbits. This is difficult for me though, as I'm only 14 and I don't do most of the shopping in my household.

I support your website 100% and if there is anything I could do to contribute or to help your cause, I could do so in New Zealand + on your website. I may be little, but I can do big things!

I also understand that, being only 14, I cannot change the world all by myself and one small email like this is not going to save any lives of any rabbits, nor prevent humans from treating rabbits in such a cruel manner.. but somehow I feel it's my duty to help others and their cause - to stop animal cruelty all together.

Yours truly,

Amanda Hislop

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Amanda:

Thank you very much for writing to us and telling us about Ernie and your desire to help all rabbits, as you have Ernie.

Even though you can't actually physically fly around the world and save every rabbit, you can help them and others by spreading the word about the cruelty inflicted upon them and other animals, and ask these people to also help you spread the word even further. Together we can make a difference.

The future of this world rests in the compassionate hearts and souls of young people like you.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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