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From Deb - 28 Nov 2005

Hello again.

Thank you for writing. My uncle had his chickens/hens as pets, I think. Their purpose was not for producing eggs. I do remember him going into the coop and coming out with eggs. I'm not really sure what you are referring to about the baby males. My uncle didn't do anything...just collected the eggs. I believe that he kept the chickens until their natural death.

Scripture tells us that several of Jesus' own disciples were fishermen. Also, many of his followers were fisherman. In fact, Simon Peter was fishing when first approached. Obviously, the Lord did not disapprove of eating fish but I wonder what they did differently back then that made it more humane than what happens today. I do not approve of what goes on with the industries today, it sickens me. However, I also believe that the Lord had intended for us to eat fish. I'm a little stuck right now. Could I personally kill a fish to eat it? I don't know. But if I had to, I would want to find the most humane way to do it. Your website has opened my eyes to a lot of what goes on in the world, I still shake the thought of what they do with cats and dogs.

Obviously, by my email address, I am an avid feline lover but it goes far beyond cats. I'd like to know more.



Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Deb:

Thank you for writing back and giving us your name.

Raising those chickens as pets was wonderful. What we were referring to was that your uncle got his hens from a brooder farm, where they hatch the fertilized eggs, half of which are males. It's not economical to raise the males of egg laying hens for their flesh, as they take too long to mature, so they throw them into dumpsters where they suffocate or starve to death. You can see a couple of these photos in our chicken exploitation section.

You're correct about many of Jesus' disciples being fishermen, but we also need to remember that Jesus called them away from fishing to become fishers of men. And after His death, Peter led them back to fishing, but after His resurrection, Jesus asked Peter three time: "Do you love me more than these?" (referring to the fish) And each time when Peter said, "Yes", Jesus told him to tend His flock, and he and the other disciples never returned to fishing, but devoted the rest of their lives to being ministers of the gospel.

As far as killing is concerned, it requires a person to harden their heart, so as not to empathize with the feelings of the victim. You're struggle over being able to do this is an indication of a soft heart, the very kind that Jesus wants us to have.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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