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From Cecilia - 15 Dec 2005

Shame on all of those who think that wearing fur is beautiful. Most of who do not know what exactly has been sacrificed for that little coat trim. If only all of the people in the world today would know what it is like to be treated that way.

I pity all of those people who look at these horrifying images and do not feel compassion whatsoever. I feel so betrayed by my own equals, my fellow man, that they would do any of this in the name of money. I ask myself over and over again, how those people could look on and laugh? I was crying just by looking at those pictures. How? Why? I can't find it in my heart to forgive these people in any way.

If only the government would concentrate on more issues in the fur-trade business and it's relations, there would be justice for these innocent animals.

And not just the raccoon dogs. All animals that are targeted for their fur. I understand the old ways when you needed clothing, not wanted fur to look good.

But it's not only the thought of taking the animal's fur- it's why they keep it alive, torture it, make it suffer. For enjoyment? Shame!

If only this matter could be brought to public attention.

I am twelve years old. I am an animal-lover. Shouldn't everyone be?

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Cecilia:

Thank you very much for writing.

We agree that everyone should be an animal lover, but unfortunately most people don't seem to care about animals other than their own "pets". They wear them, they eat them, they watch them being mistreated for their entertainment, and all without a second thought. They're indifferent to the cruelty

This is also why our government isn't doing more to stop the cruelty. Until people begin to speak out and demand an end to all animal cruelty these things will continue.

We all need to expose the truth to as many people as we can, and ask them to join us in our efforts to end the cruelty. You can help by telling as many other people as you can, and by referring them to our web site so that they can see for themselves.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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