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From David - 22 Dec 2005

I'm just wondering what you think should happen to these animals? it was not so long ago that these and other animals were the evey day diet of the common american person. and there were no store (at lest close by) to buy meat that has been processed and food colored, and full of steroids, filled with shots of vitamins that all brake down in our bodys to make toxins and poisons, that end up giveing us cancer, alzheimer's, and brake down our emunie system so we get sick quicker. i my self cannot get past the killing part, i never have tryed.but i wish i could becuse if i could i would make a pin out of my back yard and raze rabit for food.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear David:

We don't understand why you or anyone else would want to harden their hearts to such an extent that they would be able to raise and kill innocent animals in order to eat them, particularly when there are so many plant foods to choose from.

Furthermore, all of the health risks you mention that are connected to flesh eating, and they are eliminated with a whole food (unprocessed) plant based diet.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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