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From Gil-Ann Wilder - 23 Dec 2005

I have never felt the hurt in my heart that I felt when I saw this [raccoon dog]. It has broken my heart in two, and there are no words to describe how broken I am over this. I love all of God's creatures.

The torture that this precious baby had to go through tears my soul apart. I ask God, why? How can this be?

As folks celebrate the holidays with glee I think about the suffering out there. I hope that any tortured animal on this earth lands the greatest spots in heaven because they more than deserve it. They are so precious and innocent and we must be their voice!!! I am glad you have a comment section to this that can be written in email because when I saw this I was utterly speechless and so sad I cannot even talk about it. I can still see that babies face. I hurt for it with all my heart.

I am an active animal lover. What can we do to really make the difference? Heather Mills McCartney (thank God) brought it to Larry King Live. The torturing must stop - it must. We must continue to fight for these beautiful creatures of God.

Gil-Ann Wilder

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Gil-Ann:

Thank you very much for your compassionate heart and soul.

We also were elated to see the exposure of these atrocities on Larry King Live the other night, and this is the way we are going to ultimately protect the animals. The more we expose the truth, and the more we inform people, and solicit their help with speaking out and letter writing, the sooner public pressure will demand an end to the cruelty.

Tell as many people as you can and refer them to our web site so that they can see for themselves. Together we can save the animals!

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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