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From Bernie Coombs - 26 Dec 2005

Dear Frank.

In my early days in Australia, I spent many years in the Australian Bush carrying out my profession as an indentured Agricultural Engineer. Selling and servicing all types of agricultural machinery including Sheep shearing machinery.

I cannot find the words mulesing/mulsing in my American Heritage Victorian. I also cannot find the article to which this upstart miss is referring - calling herself a farmer.

However! I do agree with her about flyblown sheep after being tailed (had their tails cut off}. I have seen sheep crawling with worms on what is left of their tails - but not on small nicks made by the cutters of the sheep shearers, who are professionals and get paid big money to do the job properly.

Obviously, she knows nothing about sheep breeding, which was and still is one of the backbones of the Australian economy - however there may be light on the horizon as our Gurus at the Universities are in the process of perfecting a liquid which makes the wool fall off without hurting the animal.

In Jesus' name:


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Bernie:

Thank you for your comments.

The article she is referring to is our animal exploitation photo journal on sheep. See: 

After you've had a chance to look at this, we'd appreciate any follow-up comments you many have.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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