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From Kristin Arnold - 15 Feb 2006

The sight of U.S. soldiers killing innocent dogs in Iraq has just about put me over the top! I cannot comprehend why anyone would do this. What frightens me the most is the fact that if these soldiers make it home, how are they going to treat other humans? War is preposterous - the killing of innocent lives, that of humans or animals, just makes monsters of us all.

We are all fighting evil - not just Americans and their idiot President, but worldwide, we are fighting each other. The human race are the only living creatures that kill one another because of hatred - not because of just plain survival. These animals deserve better and if Americans and American soldiers think we are the mightiest and holiest of the human race - then why is this happening? Not all Iraqi and Afghanistan canines are positive for Rabies - and if Trillions of dollars goes into building bombs, making bullets and fueling the pockets of the wealthy - why can't the U.S. military check to see which dogs have rabies - and put those down HUMANELY! These dogs are not the enemies, they are not suicide bombers and they do not walk around holding guns - they are just trying to survive!

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Kristin:

Thank you very much for your comments. We agree totally.

Please tell as many people as you can. The more of us who speak out, the sooner the cruelty will end.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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