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From Pedro Dabalsa - 17 Mar 2006

I love your exposition. I have a little farm, but my chickens are free like the wind. I always had the idea that eggs produced under such stressful conditions for the hen, cannot be good for your health. Probably you should have links where people can buy eggs produced under normal healthy condition. I very often rescue hens and roosters that others farmer are selling, and the conditions are appalling. Most people believe that chickens do not suffer and that do not have a psychology. But chickens learn and you can teach them certain behaviors very easy.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Pedro:

Thank you very much for writing and telling us about your farm.

Unfortunately, we have not found very many truly humane animal farms, and ones that were cruelty-free were not commercial operations.

Are you a commercial operation?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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