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From Elsie - 16 Apr 2006

Hello All-Creatures:

It wasn't until I came upon your website that I realized how much cruelty we humans bring to animals. I had no idea these "Fur Farms" ever existed until I read your site. I could never hurt an animal like that and I don't see how anyone could, especially to foxes.

As I read what they were doing and looked at the pictures tears came up in my eyes and I couldn't help but start crying. They are my favorite animal and if only I could make a difference I would.

Do they do this fox hunting in the United States? If so I want to change something perhaps by trying to work with organizations to make it illegal to do this sort of hunting or have fur farms.

It is very wrong and should be illegal, especially considering the fact that we arrest people who don't take proper care of their household pets.

Looking into the faces of the scared foxes just made me want to pick them up and take them some place safe and help them heal. It was almost as if they had human feelings.

I am not going to let my visit to your site go to waste. With that said, I will do my best (being that I am only 17) to find any [fur] organizations where I live in California and bring them down to the ground and expose their secrets to the public. I am sure if the public knew just how their fur coats are being made their opinion would change very fast.

I thank you for putting bible terms in it as I am also a Christian and attend the Evangelical Free Church here in my hometown. I am humbled by your mission to stop this act of injustice and torture and will also bring this to the attention of my church.

I pray that your mission for these truly magnificent creatures will develop into something that will catch the eyes of all European and American citizens.

God Bless you and Good luck

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Elsie:

Thank you very much for writing and for telling us about your plans to help the animals.

Because of public pressure there is very little traditional fox hunting going on, today, and we need to keep the pressure on so that it doesn't start up again. The only way to stop the fur trade is to take the money away from this industry by making the wearing of fur very unpopular.

We're very interested in your church's reaction. Most have been on the side of cruelty.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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