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From Samantha - 27 Apr 2006

I noticed you had a section dedicated to the mistreatment of fish and thought you might be interested in hearing about the torture some fish suffer in the pet trade. Dyeing of fish has become common practice; they are either injected with dye as a human would be tattooed, or put in an acid bath to strip them of their slime coats, dipped in dye, then put in an irritant bath to make them re-grow the slime coat quickly. In small fish, the mortality rate can be as high as 80%, and survivors are often weak and have a shortened lifespan.

In other fish such as flowerhorns and bloodparrots, a "sweetheart" or "love heart" variety has become popular. These fish are tailless. While this originally began as a genetic mutation, some breeders got greedy and decided it was easier to just cut the tails off the fish when they are young, let it heal, and sell them as this tailless variety. Because bloodparrots and flowerhorns, being hybrids, are often infertile, it is easier to crop the tails than to breed true genetically tailless fish.

Here is a link with some pictures of the tail cropping process as well as dyeing:

I have a tailless fish myself that was once dyed. She is the greatest pet anyone could ask for, full of personality. Thankfully her condition is obviously genetic, there's no place at the back where a tail could ever have been and her top and bottom fins meet completely. However, although she is already a gorgeous white and orange lady, she had been dyed blue when I got her.

The shop I got her from is against dyeing, but it didn't mention anywhere on their order form that these fish were dyed... I knew it was ok to purchase her because they would never be reordering and supporting this cruelty :). She was 3" when I got her and has since grown into a 6-7" fatty and her dye has completely faded.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Samantha:

Thank you very much for the information and link. We'll be posting the information shortly.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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