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From Haley Warburton - 29 Jul 2006

Thank you for helping me see the true horrors which are going on in the world today. I will now take my steps and become a vegan!

I have no idea how these people who work in slaughterhouses live through day to day life. How can they kill an innocent animal and have no feeling towards it what so ever? Surely they cannot be proud of there "profession".

I am only 14 but I will spread your web site to everyone I know. I also expect to get a few complaints about how devastating the pictures are but hopefully they will see the problem that I now see: that we need to do something about animal cruelty and fast!!

One thing I also object to and did not see in your site is about horse racing and dog racing. I also think this is an act of cruelty towards animals. All it results in is poor animals being over heated, whipped, and raced around day to day with high expectations put before of them.

People say itís just a light tap! Havenít people ever looked closely at them it must sting a lot well letís face it, if it is just a "little tap" that wouldnít make the horse go faster! Many horses die in races due to falling at the fences and end up being put to sleep. It is heartbreaking to see this fate when they could have otherwise been living a happy life outdoors in a field. At the end of the day all racing animals end up in bad physical/ emotional condition, and people going home with empty pockets or a gambling problem!

Thank you for helping me see the reality and problems I will try my best to help these problems the best way I can do all my life!


Hayley Warburton

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Hayley:

Thank you very much for your letter and for telling about what you are doing to eliminate the suffering.

We do have some photo of the horrors of dog racing, but donít have any about horse racing. If you come across any, please let us know.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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