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From Anonymous - 18 Dec 2006

I knew how mean people could be to animals but wow, just seeing your site I can't believe how many people do that to animals.

I admit I cried a few times while reading some of the pictures you have. I do eat meat and do love it, but most of the meat I get comes from places I know what they do and none of those places are like the pictures you have.

Just seeing the stuff about the chickens made me not want chicken any more, but the chicken I eat comes from a friend so it is ok to eat.

I just still can't believe how many people would hurt these animals like they do. It hurts to see all of it. I'm a big animal lover and I hate hunting. I wish it would stop.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Thank you very much for writing.

More than 95% of all commercially sold animal products come from factory farms, and even many of the smaller farms still mistreat their animals.

Our body’s taste buds work on about a three week memory cycle, so if you change your eating habit, you’ll learn to love other things, as we do.

We also have a great recipe section: 

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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