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From Kathy - 22 Dec 2006

I am completed and utterly horrified by what I have just seen and read about the raccoon dog. I had never heard of a raccoon dog until I just saw the issues with Macy's and pulling a coat line from their stores.

I am actually sitting here sweating just at what I have witnessed. These individuals shall rot in hell for what they are doing to these innocent creatures.

Now I think I will have to "say something" to the prissy ass people who think wearing their fur coats make them a symbol of status in society. My GOD...if they can wear such after seeing how these poor creatures are tortured they deserve any negativity they get from wearing the fur off another living creature.

I think my blood pressure is rising...I need to stop looking at only makes me angry and have a dislike for the human I know why it is animals I truly love and care for!!!

GOD bless your little furry creatures of the world...we humans deserve the wrath that will fall upon us!

Shattered in SC

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Kathy:

Thank you very much for your compassion and willingness to help.

When confronting fur-wearing people, be calm and polite, but very firm. Let them be the ones to get angry. People who wear fur show the hardness of their heart and soul. Even fake fur sends the wrong message.

Also please tell as many other people as you can about what you have learned and refer them to our web site so that they can see for themselves. The more people who speak out, the sooner public opinion will demand an end to these atrocities

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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