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From OBS - 24 Dec 2006

I was so utterly shocked and horrified at how some dogs can be treated, it literally brought me to tears.

These people are worse than murderers.....they don't think for a moment....they are such complete fools and idiots that they don't even stop to think, "How would I feel if I was skinned alive, put in cramped hurting metal would I feel if I was tossed shoulders being dislocated, my bones being broken Wouldn't it be completely horrible to be cut in half, to be suffocated, to be starved, to see others like me tortured and killed, and to see the hellish, gory fate that awaits me?"

If this happened to them, if they were skinned alive for meat, if they had to suffer the worst torture imaginable, perhaps their minds would have been changed. They can't simply say, "Oh, they're only animals, it doesn't matter, they are meant for skinning."

Just because they are animals doesn't mean they don't have feelings, reflexes....etc. !

They are feeling the exact same thing you or I would feel if we were being tortured to death.

However, they can simply do this without a thought? It makes me want to vomit repeatedly at the thought of eating meat ever again. It makes me want to vomit just looking into the evil, ugly, unfeeling faces of the people who do it. How would they feel if their sons and daughters were caged, being suffocated to death by cans, being skinned alive, cut in half, starved, their bones breaking and being in constant agony forever until the moment they die in a most inhumane way possible?

Not only that, but the dogs are even more innocent than anyone. Animals are so loving, and innocent, and's seems to me even more heartless to kill an animal than a human being sometimes.....not because I like animals better, but because animals are simply more ignorant and innocent. Some would do anything for us humans.....but that does NOT include being butchered for their meat or fur!!!!!!!

I think when they do it they just simply don't think about what they are doing....they just do it. WELL OPEN YOUR EYES AND THINK YOU IDIOTS!!!!! You know what could happen today???? Someone could come up to you and hang you or skin you alive because....hey.....they weren't thinking. That would be alright wouldn't it??? Huh???

Reply from Frank and Mary

Thank you very much for your letter and comments.

Please help us get back at the people and these industries by telling as many people as you can, and by referring them to our web site so that they can see for themselves. The more people who speak out and write letters the sooner public outcry will demand an end to these atrocities and put these industries out of business.

We also have a large compassionate recipe section that you should find of interest. 

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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