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From Olga Fedorov - 27 Dec 2006

I happened upon your web site while looking further after hearing about the MACY'S recall of Sean John jackets. I had never heard of Raccoon Dogs. I now weep for their plight.

I never thought myself capable of hatred for any living thing, especially not my own. Our species is the only one of God's creation so vile as to be an abomination. Why He has not wiped us off the face of the earth is beyond me.

These sadistic and murderous thugs and those who enjoy causing this suffering will meet their hell. Their religion teaches that causing physical pain to any living thing means that they approve it for themselves as well. I hope that they will meet their end in as painful a way, and remember vividly why they are suffering. So they will have time for the atoning of their souls, I hope it is for a good long while.

In order for a cycle of retribution not to occur, which is how Satan procreates this type of evil. I prayed that a disease such as cancer would eat them up. Where every moment of their living hell will leave them writhing in pain.

Thank you for bringing this and all other suffering of the living things that cannot speak to our attention. Perhaps there is a place where their souls can see that not all of us laughed at their dreadful plight. Hopefully they can see that there are those of us who wept for them. Will they forgive us.......

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Olga:

Thank you very much for writing to us. We’ve been getting a lot of mail in the past few days about the plight of the raccoon dogs, and the evil acts of those who torture and skin them alive, and your comments are a common thread.

Please tell as many other people as you can and refer them to our web site so that they can see for themselves. The more we can stir up a public outcry, the sooner this and other atrocities will stop.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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