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From Anna - 20 Jan 2007

To animal exploitation photo gallery,

I took the time to read your site about animal testing and experiments performed on rabbits. I was horrified looking at the pictures and was deeply moved. I couldn't face the cruelty and torture that these rabbits have to experience.

Having a rabbit of my own, I know that they are very gentle creatures and I couldn't believe that humans are taking advantage of them, not because they provide a good model of human illnesses but because they are docile and easy to handle. It is very cruel to inflict unnecessary pain, and these people don't even use anesthesia.

I think that your site could benefit many people. I was wondering though, what are alternatives to animal testing?


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Anna:

Thank you for writing and for your concern.

Today, there is no need to test anything on animals, except for those things specifically designed for a specific animal species, much like human drug trials. As an example, most the test that you saw performed on rabbits can be run tissue cultures, and from what we understand, with much better results.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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