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From Kathleen Bright - 10 Feb 2007

I just today saw on Good Morning America that these little critters, raccoon dogs, were being slaughtered and their fur put on designer clothing labeled as "faux fur".

I had never heard of the raccoon dog, so decided to look it up on the internet, and I came upon your site. This is truly an abomination!

My comment, however, would be who in their right mind would stand there and watch and make a video of this torture instead of doing whatever they could to stop this tragedy, even if it means stopping just one killer for only one day. As an animal lover, I am certain if I were there, I would have stopped him! And he wouldn't be walking too comfortably anytime soon, either! We need universal humane laws that would "do unto killers what they have done to their victims"! And that should apply to every killer, whether they are killing another human being or a helpless animal. Hunting and trapping in all forms should be outlawed.

I, personally, have no problem with sheering sheep and using the fur - the animal is not harmed and it grows back... or trimming the fur off the angora rabbit and spinning it into yarn - it, too, grows back and the animal is not harmed. And, I would have no problem with using the fur and hides off animals that died a peaceful death from natural causes, such as old age, provided the animal had been treated with due respect and kindness during its life, but I realize that there would be no way to ever police all animal vendors to be sure they were following the above stated guidelines, so I know that's not feasible.

The problem, as I see it, is these designers - and I understand there are many - who are willing to buy the fur from these despicable torturers, and lie to the purchasing public, saying it is faux fur! They should be fined millions for each incident, and perhaps the demand would decrease. I think the average civilized person now realizes the cruelty that the fur-bearing animals all face, and have voluntarily stopped purchasing and wearing fur. So now, we are being duped into thinking we have been purchasing fake fur! Disgusting!

Thanks for listening!

Kathleen Bright

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Kathleen:

Thank you for writing.

There really is no such thing as humane animal exploitation. Once people excuse animal exploitation as being acceptable, economic pressures cause people to become crueler. This is why we make a stand against all forms of exploitation. This includes commercial wool production.

Undercover work is very difficult. If the photographer had in any way attempted to stop the torture, the photographer would have been arrested and the video confiscated, and the torturer would have gone on doing “his thing”, and the world would never have known.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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