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From Joanne Mullan - 22 Feb 2007


I have just looked at the photo stills of the raccoon dogs being skinned alive.

I have seen many images of animal cruelty in my time but those images were possibly the worst I have ever seen.

It is the first time I have seen an animal being skinned from start to finish. I am in deep shock at the way these animals are treated and how the animal is left alive after skinning.

Horrendous does not even describe the actions of these people. The pain, suffering and fear inflicted onto that animal is unimaginable.

I am in despair everyday at how animals are treated in this world and how animal rights activists are being criminalised by the government. What would they call the men in such video stills? Are they not the real criminals? In fact they are much more than criminals, they are as you say pure evil!

I do not understand how anyone who saw such horrendous suffering of an animal could actually wear fur!

Could these images or have they ever been published outside of the internet?

I am glad that organisations like yourselves are bringing this barbarity to the publics attention but I am interested to know if it is having any affect on the fur industry / traders at all?

Joanne Mullan
Northern Ireland

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Joanne:

Thank you for writing and for your encouraging comments.

Like you we were in shock for several days after viewing the video and collecting the stills for our internet photo journal. But because of it thousands of people have come to see the horror behind the fur industry.

Unfortunately, the media is mostly cowardly submissive when it comes to their advertising dollars. They always promote themselves as presenters of the truth, but they fail to tell their audience that this is only true when it doesn’t run the risk of losing income from advertisers. So, they pretend that these graphics don’t exist.

But because of the internet and animal rights efforts in exposing the truth, Macy’s and other stores pulled this fur from their stores. If only they were truly compassionate and pulled all fur.

We just need to keep up the pressure and expose the truth to as many people as we can. Whatever you can do the spread the word would be greatly appreciated. You can also refer people to our web site so that they can see for themselves, and encourage they to also continue to pass along the word to others.

We have seen more positive changes since the advent of the internet that at any other time.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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