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From Cheryl Carr - 23 Feb 2007

I read today about dog fur being used on garments, particularly raccoon dogs.

The folks of China and much of the far east could care less where they get their fur as long as they can make a buck. They eat dog so why would they waste the fur.

People of this country don't understand how folks in these countries live or survive and for the most part it is survival and even in the modernized parts of Asia it doesn't matter whether it is illegal in the rest of the world or not, they simply don't care. Why do they rape our oceans of whales and salmon and other things such as rain forest, its because they don't care and have no regard for future resources. Its terrible and again its survival with regard for laws. Until you have lived there, people particularly in this country just don't understand. My comments for what their worth. I am a retired US Army soldier and have seen it. thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Cheryl:

Thank you very much for writing and for your comments.

We understand the needs of impoverished people, but doesn't give them to right to deliberately torture an animal to death.

Please tell as many other people as you can. Public opinion can and does make a difference.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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