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From Joanna Baker - 26 Feb 2007

I have seen the video depicting the unbelievable cruel slow torture of these poor animals. What I don't understand is who did the videotaping and is this person doing something to stop this? No one seems to think about this. I could never have not tried to do something witnessing this. What is the story behind this? Some comments have been that this poor creature was not really alive and that the video is a fake. Although of course whether or not that is true it obviously does not change the fact that these poor creatures are being tortured.

I am doing everything possible. I just don't understand why this story isn't on the national news. What will it take to get have this story broadcasted over the news internationally? Any comments? Thank you.

Joanna Baker

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Joanna:

Thank you for writing and for your help to stop the torture.

Unfortunately, the video is very real and the animals are very much alive and suffering horribly.

Undercover work is very dangerous and if the photographer had tried to stop the torture, he/she would have been arrested and the torture would have continued. Now the whole world is learning about the horrors of the fur industry.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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