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From Jessica - 17 Apr 2007


I think that whoever has made this website is a deeply kind person who really cares about those poor dogs in China. And I'd like to say I feel exactly the same way, too.

I have a little puppy called Alfie who is absolutely adorable, and I'd never do anything to hurt him, but I'm not sure many people feel the same way in China.

I was very very upset when I watched an awful video on Youtube about a poor dog in China. It was horrendous!

Dogs are so helpless and if you didn't know the name dog is god spelled backwards! I was looking on Google for some more stuff on this topic, maybe a charity. So I am just very very very keen to raise some money for the beautiful dogs, but I'm not really sure how.

I just really want to do something to help them. Any ideas? Do you know any charities mainly just working to end the dog meat trade? And are you doing anything to help them? Do you know anybody that is?

I think the reason why I am so upset about this is because Alfie has such a perfect life, compared to the dogs in China, plus I just wish for a few hours or so I could give the dogs in China some love as well as him, but I can't and I'm really upset about that. All they want is love, and an owner to please. It's just so unbearably sad. Maybe when I do my Chinese GSCE, I could go over and rescue some! :)

I hope you reply. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bye then,


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Jessica:

Thank you for writing and for your desire to help. There are many of us who are working on this issue for different approaches, but our common thread is informing the public to raise public opinion to the plight of the dogs and other animals. This is where you can help by telling as many other people as you can.

Also see: for some helpful ideas.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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