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 From Cecilia Rosario 16 Jul 2003

I think is irresponsible to show this kind of pictures, nor all poultry farms work in this conditions. If you do not know, human anatomy is adapted to eat all kind of food, nor only vegetables. We are not cows!!! We need taurine an important amino acid which only can be found in animal source products.

I think you live in a small country, I'm from Mexico, poultry meat and eggs are the cheapest source of protein for a lot of people, I think you prefer to see children dying instead of animals.

The last point, first, please check journals, when you cut a vegetable they suffer stress too, because they are living creatures, when they are under this stress the produce some substances that are carcinogenic for humans, so eat vegetables is not so healthy for us do not try to convice people with this kind of pics

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Cecilia:

Thank you for your letter and comments.

From your letter, we surmise that you farm chickens.

Unfortunately, we have heard these arguments many times before, and for the most part they are untrue.

Humans are really fruitivores and not carnivores. We can get more than enough protein from plant foods that are less expensive than chickens and eggs.

People are going hungry because of animal agriculture. 1 acre of land will feed only two people per year, if chickens are raised, but 15 people if grains and legumes are raised for human consumption, and as many as 25 if cabbage is raised.

Finally, vegetables are not sentient beings; they do not feel pain and suffer as do humans and animals.

In the Love of the Lord,



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