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From Cuttin with Style - 15 Mar 2003

While I understand how you feel I do not agree with it. If the world were to stop eating animals and by products what would happen to these animals that are already alive? As well what would the producers and all their emplyees do for jobs? not only those that work in the primary industries but also those that work in the stores, plants and other related undustries? I am an animal science major and a big university and what you show on your site maybe true in very few cases but it is not a common occuance as you have lead a lot of people to believe. For example cows are milked more frequently for the comfort of the animal, economics that accompany this is just a fortunate result of this. Instead of bashing producers maybe you should try to understand what they do and see the amount of work that goes into providing the care and feeding of these animals. It is a lot of work to keep them healthy because a producer can not expect an animal to perform if it is not healthy and well cared for. As a suggestion why don't you put you efforts toward rescuing animals that are being abused by individuals (I am talking about actual physical abuse and beating animals) and are obviously being starved. Once again I would just like to ask you what you expect people to do with their animals if everyone stopped consuming animal products? Where would you find the money to feed and care for the animals? Do you have the slightest inclination of the costs associated with caring for an animal?

Reply from Frank

Dear ???:

Thank you for your letter, but we find it hard to believe that an animal science major could say the things you do, for you should know the truth.

Many of your same arguments were used to try to justify slavery, and none of them came true when slavery was abolished.

You should know that cows only produce milk when their pregnant or shortly thereafter, while they are suckling their calves, and they are forcibly artificially inseminated so that they will produce milk. If we stop impregnating cows, their milk will naturally dry up. And if humans stop impregnating the other farmed animals, their populations will dwindle in a few years.

You should also know that over crowding is the major cause of illness among farmed animals. Humans make them sick and then complain that it's a lot of work to make them healthy.

Animal agriculture is nothing more than legally sanctioned cruelty, and you should also know this, too, along with the fact that cruelty is rampant in the industry.

In the Love of the Lord,


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