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From Donnie - 18 Feb 2003

As a cattle rancher myself I have grown to love and care for my herd. For without this care my whole herd would be wiped out by disease putting me and my family in the poor house so I can assure you that every possible means to support their health is taken very serious. Every year thousands of farmers are practically starving to death to supply you and the entire population with good quality products. However you are not willing to pay adequate prices at the stores to enable us to earn a living.

Reply from Frank - 18 Feb 2003

Dear Donnie:

Actually, we do support small vegetable farms when the food is in season, and we do pay more for cruelty free food (vegetarian). Your industry, and your income has been ruined by the fast food industry. Most of the produce farmers that we know are making a fairly good income. And, no animals have to suffer in the process.

Even though you provide good care, the cattle are still shipped to slaughter houses, where we understand about 5% are not properly stunned and are skinned and dismembered while still conscious.

In the Love of the Lord,


Donnie's Response - 18 Feb 2003

Your are in a very small percentage of the population? However the rest of the world is not willing to pay what is needed for most farmers to survive. Cattle prices are at the same level as when my father sold calves in the 70's. But the prices of up keep has sky rocketed.

Frank's Reply - 18 Feb 2003

Dear Donnie:

From a purely economic standpoint, it appears you should consider another way to make a living.

In the Love of the Lord,


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