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From Donnie - 18 Feb 2003

Farrowing crates are meant to prevent pre-weaning pig mortality. So you think we should let them roam free squashing and eating their pigs. That does not sound to animal friendly?!

Frank's Reply - 18 Feb 2003

Dear Donnie:

You're begging the question! It's overcrowded conditions that caused the higher mortality. Farrowing crates were added to put more pigs in a confined space and in turn try to save some of the infants. The whole factory farmed animal situation is an atrocity.

In the Love of the Lord,


Donnie's Response - 18 Feb 2003

More animals are put into smaller and smaller spaces to save room that is correct. However the problem is due to the fact that only 2% of America has to feed 100% of the population. More and more people steal the much needed land. The "factory farms" have produced a leaner, faster growing, higher dieses resistant, and better tasting product.

Frank's Reply - 18 Feb 2003

Dear Donnie:

When we consider space, are you aware that 1 acre of farm land used to raise cattle and feed will only feed one person for a year. If that same land were used to grow grain for human consumption, it would feed about 15 people for a year. And, if that same acre of ground were used to grow cabbage, it would feed about 25 people.

In the Love of the Lord,



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