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From Joanna - 21 Mar 2003

Oh my God!

These photos are so eye-opening. I knew the conditions of chicken farms were gross but hadn't ever seen actual photos. I am shocked and ashamed at how these animals are treated.

How do you guys feel about free-range chicken farming and the family who raises chicken to feed their own family?

Reply from Frank

Dear Joanna:

Thank you for your comments and insights. We appreciate them.

Most so-called free range seems to be nothing more than an advertising gimmick. The animals still suffer in every case we've seen.

If a family has their own chickens and raises them as companions to live out their lives until they die of natural causes, with love and compassion, that is wonderful. But we still need to remember that an egg is a hen's unborn child, and taking her egg is no different than taking her child; it still causes stress. One of the photos on our web site shows a hen that died trying to prevent her egg from rolling away. There really is no way to humanely treat animals and still eat them or their by-products.

In the Love of the Lord,



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