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 From Liz Stanton - 3 Dec 2003

Have you ever been on a dairy?

Animal husbandry is one of the oldest world professions. It is also mentioned in the Bible as the first task given by God to Adam: to name and care for the Garden of Eden and the animals....Genesis 2:19-20

Why would farmers be cruel to their cows? It makes no sense. I live on a dairy in CA and I have never witnessed cruelty to animals there.

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Liz:

Yes, we've been on dairy farms, and we've seen a lot of abuse. We've seen farmers yank up on the cow's tail causing a lot of pain. We've seen cows covered with flies and maggots. We've seen cows being pushed across a state highway with no one controlling traffic. We've seen a farmer herding cows from a pasture with a pickup truck and repeatedly run the wood bumper into the hind legs of the cows to get them to move faster, and we've seen other forms of their loving kindness, too.

We seen the veal crates and calves being taken away from their mothers and the trauma it causes.

The problem is that we haven't seen any true compassion in any commercial dairy farming operation. Your farm is a rarity, if these things don't occur!

In the Love of the Lord,


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