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From Lucky - 21 Jan 2003

I just came on-line to see if I could find some help for my rabbit who got his rear leg caught in his cage floor and I found your site.

I had no idea chickens were so miss treated.  I actually believed that no chickens died from eggs because we eat the egg not the chicken, and then, wow, I'm floored!  I'm 27years old, 6'-3" and 240 pounds thought by many to be a tough guy, but this has reduced me to tears.  How could anyone hurt and treat these animals in such a foul way.

I also have a dozen laying hens and 9 ducks but I have no intention to eat them.  I love the birds.  They make me laugh and I believe the more love you give an animal the closer you are to God.

I can't even kill a mouse.  I was sharing my little house with a single mouse until winter then he brought his family and I can't bring myself to set a trap for them, even a live trap to release them cause it's so cold out side.  So I am just trying to keep things as neat as possible and leave nothing out for them to eat so they can show themselves out.

If it helps at all you should know that I take very good care of my animals and I always will.  I believe in freedom for all God's creatures.  

When I went to the live stock auction I wanted a rabbit and maybe a chicken for my yard well they were selling a batch of chickens and they didn't look well at all, so I took them home, all 12.  I paid 25 cents a piece and they were all looking like death and the guy at the auction looked at me and said, "You're a fool for taking them home, son, their good for one thing, son, and that's soup."  So I replied well I never ate soup with a chicken before, but if you say their good for it, I'll try.

I also came home with 9 ducks on account of I didn't want to separate them cause they were only 6 days old, but we all live in harmony.

I thought my neighbors would complain but they are much older than me and I think they like having the animals around.  I also share my house with two dogs my girlfriend and my little brother.

I'm not sure why I wrote you this email and if someone will actually read it but God bless you in your quest for the humane treatment of animals.  I had no idea and I guess I never really thought to ask but I have a big mouth and I'm going to use it to school people on the treatment of these poor defenseless animals.

Just so you know, I have 12 hens and I get about 1 egg a week and I'm never getting rid of them.  These will die in the yard of old age.  

People say chickens are dumb but I find them interesting and very persistent, and, if given the space, they are actually very proud birds, and I like to see them strut their stuff.  

These hens have there beaks cut and I only now learned why and how and I have to say, "Wow!"

It's amazing that 99% of all farmers that I've met claim to be God fearing Christians, and then they treat animals like that.  All I can say is they need to fear the law who should be doing something more about the treatment of farm animals.

I eat meat.  I love eggs.  I'm not sure how much of a leg I have to stand on.  I know people got to eat, but that doesn't mean we have to add insult to injury by torturing the animals, does it?

I'm sorry its late and I'm tired but if there's anything I can do, let me know.  I'm pretty poor right now and I have a baby on the way so money's tight, but if I can help in some other way please let me know.

Thank you for opening my eyes, and God bless you all.

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