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 From Sarah Sus - 20 Aug 2003

Your website said that you are welcome to readers' comments; here are mine:

I just finished reading your website on how pigs are treated prior to being slaughtered for food. I am appalled at the treatment that the pigs on the photographed farm are recieving, and greatly surprised that the owners of that place allowed any pictures of their livestock's horrible conditions to be taken, let alone published on the internet so that the world can witness their cruelty.

I am not a vegetarian or a vegan, and I don't plan on becoming one. If I didn't know that all pigs are not treated like that, there is a good chance that your website would persuade me not to eat pork anymore.

I'm in 4-H and none of the pig farms I have ever seen treated the pigs anything like the one(s) shown on your website. "After young pigs are stolen from their mothers, they are brought to another concentration camp like this one with its concrete floor and steel bars. They never get to walk on a grassy field or feel the coolness of a mud puddle. They just live in misery." At any and all of the pig farms I have been to, the pigs live in groups of 1-3 pigs in a large stall bedded down with wood shavings and cleaned frequently, and have large water fountains of cold water to drink from. They are turned out into large, grassy fields to play, roll about in the mud, and enjoy the fresh air. 4-H pigs are given the same treatment, which I believe to be far from cruel. These pigs are slaughtered, yes, but they are happy and treated properly while they are alive.

To your organization, I may be cruel, even "evil" because I raise market pigs, but many of the Lord's animals are carniorous, and if that is not considered a sin, I do not believe that humans eating other animals is, either. You may believe that eating anything once alive is sinful, but that is your opinion, and I thought that I would share my opinion and the point of view I have gained from my experience with pigs.


Sarah S.

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Sarah:

Thank you for your comments. The photos on our web site were taken in a number of factory farms, which are typical for about 95% of all pigs raised for slaughter. We don't know where the farms are that you wrote about, but they are among a very small minority.

In the Love of the Lord,


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