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From Sarah Byrns-Grindrod - 6 Mar 2003

I looked at the pictures of the unfortunate chickens at the egg factory farm.

What I have to say is that I  raise chickens for eggs and love my chickens and try to feed them well,  let them out to free roam every day and I try to raise them with  compassion!

My stand on this issue is not to stop eating eggs or meat if  that is what you want to do but to buy and support responsible small  growers of produce and livestock!

I don't eat much meat [and] most of my family are vegetarians but when I do I try to eat responsibly raised products.

Part of the problem with food is that whether it be gardening or animal  raising, most of us have gotten too far removed from dealing with the food  chain.

Sarah Byrns-Grindrod

Reply from Frank

Dear Sarah:

Thank you for your email.

If everyone raised chickens and other animals like you do, we probably would not have put up our web site in the manner we did, but the problems and suffering today are so horrific that the only way we know to bring it to an end is to make a stand by not eating any animal or their by-products and letting as many other people as possible know the terrible truth.

Is this the reason that most of the members of your family became vegetarians?

In the Love of the Lord,


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