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From Sherri Holian - 11 Jun 2003

Hello everyone,

For my media assignment I was doing a film on animal cruelty.  I wont go in to detail about my idea but I was looking for information on tests that were being done rabbits.  But to my surprise I came across a lot more than I had expected.  

I have learnt so much about the draize eye test that is used on so many rabbits day after day. I had no idea that I felt so strongly about animal cruelty until I saw the proof, the photo's on this site, I actually cried when I, a rabbit owner, saw the pain in the eyes of these wonderful creatures.

I am so shocked and surprised to see just how cruel we as humans can be.

To put any living creature through such horrific pain is disgusting and I, as a human, am totally ashamed of what we have become.

I will never use another product that doesn't have "not tested on animals" ever again. I will appreciate the love and joy that my pets bring in to my life from this day forward.

And I thank everyone who created this site and similar sites to help us all understand the disgrace that is animal cruelty.

Thank you


Reply From Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Sherri:

Thank you very much for your email and very encouraging comments. We appreciate them very much.

In the Love of the Lord,



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