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 From Terry Campbell - 22 Sep 2003

We have 16 chickens in a free-range situation. They have two very nice coops with light and heat to live in when not safely outside in a large fenced all around pen or running around the people house, and they are part of our family life and they seem to like us very much. They will die of old age by the way.

The matter of eating eggs has come to mind: So if we just let our chickens "keep" the eggs what would be the outcome? Would not most rot and stink causing sickness to the house? How does one deal with all the chicks that could come from this many adult chickens? How would one stand the noise of 50% roosters.....(:->) ?

I ponder these matters as I want to this Spring let some hens sit on the eggs so my children can see the natural way of chickens. But I'm not so sure an "unchecked" chicken coop, left to it's own, is a good life for the dignity of the chickens and quality of life.

I hope you will respond as I wish to be stronger in my voice for the things your web-site promotes but do have a few practice matters such as above to understand.


Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Terry:

From your description, your chickens are more your companions than free range farmed animals. As such, you are doing the same things that sanctuaries do for their chickens.

We do not believe that you should let your chickens reproduce, so collecting the eggs is a good thing. The ethics of whether or not to eat the eggs is your decision to make. The important thing is to do no harm to the chickens.

We know of 4 sanctuaries that have chickens. None of them let the eggs hatch; they collect all the eggs every day. Only one of them eats the eggs. One other hard boils the eggs and grinds them up which the chicken feed and feeds them back to the chickens.

We hope this answers your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,


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