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 From Terry Campbell - 23 Sep 2003

Chickens are quite amazing to which I would guess most people will never know. I read that chickens have 30 some sounds they make. Well, sometime I'd like to figure out how to count them because they have all that many. They talk kind of well and communicate such that a human can understand much of what the sounds mean to them. Ya just have to spend some time with them in all situations and they also get to know you. As far as verbal communications goes, I'd say they have more them our pet dogs and we all know that dog "are people too" and feel and have personalities.

After viewing your site my wife made another step in our lives to totally move away from the meat and bye-products industry. We were only in protest of veal and chicken, but cut way way back on all forms of meat. We will most likely be in touch to gain more advise on how to better represent our view of life. Please feel free to contact me if for any reason you think it good to do so.


PS: Another thing that would be good on your web-site is to continue the pictures right through and up to the point of the normal person buying the "pretty packaged" meat. This would implant in their minds what is behind what they do in the stores and maybe stop some or at least prick their conscience to what they are doing.

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Terry:

Thank you for your comments about the diet changes taking place in your family's life.

There is something very special about relating to animals on their terms, and understand them from their perspective, including their languages.

Have you seen our recipe section?  

You might find some helpful suggestions there.

We very much appreciate your wonderful suggestion about publishing some photos of packaged meat. We'll try to get some photos of the "sanitized suffering and death".

In the Love of the Lord,


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