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Avril Burrell from Buckley rated this title 5 star and wrote: " James Thompson is certainly well known and admired as the Animal Padre. However, little has been known about his early life. 'Young Spiritual Tramp' is written with honesty, sincerity and great humour. As a sensitive young fellow he suffered at the hand of bullies and turned for refuge in religion as a youth. But such a youngster was hardly to keep on the straight and narrow himself when even a deacon who denounced drink from the 'set fawr' (Welsh for the raised pew of the deacons!) is to be found with a crate of ale in the back of his car! And then when a welsh lay preacher, with fiery fervour from the pulpit, preaches on his own, hither to, secret temptation then not only are sedate ladies and young girls shocked to the core; the author himself ceases to be pious and fluctuates between differing lifestyles. Much - much - more is to follow; not least his breath taking elopement as a young Baptist minister in 1954. This author appears as intensely sincere, irresistibly humorous and incredibly revealing. Yes, and he is also increasingly heart touching. For there are parts in this book when one can laugh out loud, and others when one could almost weep."

Ted Moorcroft from Wirral rated this title 5 star and wrote: "A most gripping account of a young manís struggle with life, Rev. James Thompson, whilst walking you through his earlier years questions many things, but never his own destiny to become a priest in Godís service. His first-hand experiences with many leading denominations are fascinating. Indeed theyíre enlightening."

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