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Article from Winter 2003 Issue

'All that's necessary for evil to thrive is that good folk do nothing’

Yes, one has heard the above expression many times; the danger is when one ceases to be challenged by it. Not all of us are gifted in walking round markets holding a banner, and it doesn't come easy. Nevertheless, degrading and deadly times demand drastic measures. And when one steps out to do the difficult for Christ, the feel of His presence becomes far more than compensation!

The season in the Church calendar is that of Advent. It reminds us of how Christ came over two thousand years ago. It tells of how He will come again at the end of this era to be our righteous judge. But we are equally reminded of how He comes to us today in a variety of ways, and primarily as we take up a cross of self-denial in order to further His cause, which He has placed upon our hearts to fulfil. Our Blessed Lord is no one's debtor and as we step out for Him it is surprising how many well wishers one encounters on the road. That which we were possibly hesitant in doing becomes a heavenly blessing.

The photo above reveals a flower lady who was delighted to meet me. As for the fellow with a trilby on the left, he stated that it was quite amazing to find a cleric doing what the church had abysmally failed to do. Admittedly, he went on to say: 'these broiler sheds for fowl are infinitely more atrocious than the quibbling that centres around fox hunting!' Well, he may well have had a point, but two wrongs never make a right. He was entitled to his view; as was another hunter on the previous day spent in Rhyl. Blood ‘sports’ I could never justify, but the fellow returning with a mug of lemon tea to keep us warm during campaigning was certainly, more than welcome. Here's a picture of us taken in Rhyl by Doreen:

Dear Reader, Keep Smiling! We'll Win Through With Christ Our Good Shepherd, St Francis, St Hubert, St Columba St Martin-De-Porres, St Gybi, St Melangell - And Countless Others! – On Our Side.

Wishing You A Lovely, Cruelty Free Christmas; And May The New Year To Follow Bring You Much Health, Success And Untold Blessing

From Rev. James & Doreen

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