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Spring 2004 Issue

My Christmas cards, a blessing at Easter!

I appreciate that it is now Easter, and we may well have received half a dozen Easter greetings, but it is last Christmas's Christmas cards that keep me going. The fact is, I occasionally get what Winston Churchill called: 'a visitation from black dog! Yes, it's that sinking feeling accompanied by exhaustion; and in it one can so easily distort life. I'm thankful that St John's Wort is still available. It is in the health shops and does marvels to my spirit. However, 1 have my own specific source of remedy. It is due to a very kind assortment of well-wishers. I refer to those cards, and the messages on them, which I received last Christmas. They come from all over Great Britain and Northern Ireland; yes, and from Germany, France, Spain and, not least, the USA.

1 sometimes keep an assortment of these at my bedside, or else under my very pillow. Because of the written word of encouragement that is appended to them, they are quite sacrosanct. Some folk have a crucifix under their pillow or above the bed. They believe it wards off evil spirits. Some New Agers have a kind of wreath nearby which they call a dream catcher. Well, I'm thankful to God for my Christmas cards received. They send the Demon of gloom well on his way. The words are a tonic to my soul. How can one feel inadequate in what one attempts for the Cause when encircled with such wonderful well-wishers!

I tell you again: the fellowship that exists amongst animal rights activists is supurb. It - to my mind - surpasses most church fellowships; even though some of the latter are, indeed, most helpful. Consequently, I'm wondering what You, dear reader, do with greeting cards received that have written words of appreciation and encouragement appended? Do You get the blues? Well, why not do what I have done. Keep those cards from well-wishers close to your bed, and thank the Almighty for such wonderful friends who really care about you.

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