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From Summer 2004 Issue

A Spiritual Stirrer Preferable To A Spineless Jellyfish

Is it any wonder that I've been called a turbulent priest, very difficult to assess? A local retired butcher knows me for having preached at his chapel' He spied me in the passenger seat of our car. There I was, enjoying a bottle or two of Guinness - they do say it's good for you! - but I sense that, somehow, he was rather taken back. Under his breath he was thinking: 'I can't weigh up this strange cleric. Every other week he is spouting about animals of all things. Yet there is human need to be met. I give it to him: he's a good preacher, but now he's drinking alcohol in full view of us all; and today is Sunday!'. Yes, he nodded, smiled and went away, in deep thought. But you know: I don't blame him. I blame instead the ones who formulated the theology of his chapel. I tell you that the hypocrisies of my generation are the fruits of what the churches of the past instilled into the masses. Don't blame the older people of the pew; blame the past preachers of the pulpit! It may not apply today, where standards are at an all time low, but the morality and distorted standards of the past were the fruits of church teaching; and in many respects, it stank to high heaven.. The fact is, the churches have had an overabundance of clergy comparable to a jellyfish's disposition: soft. slimy and spineless. The poor sea creature cannot help its predicament for it was made that way by God. Influential clergy, however, are not! Therefore, 'they are without excuse'.

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