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From Summer 2004 Issue

Products Of The Desensitisation Process

We in the animal activist cause will always be tormented in our conscience at the exploitation of weaker forms of life than our own; while the majority are but a product of the desensitisation process. Yes, I've just come back from France where smartly dressed genteel ladies and cultured, well-groomed men ~ with much courtesy and charm -- smiled over to me under a canopy of a sun-blest restaurant. The trees were overshadowing us from above; there was a sense of tranquillity and peace all around us; and as we partook of a vegetarian meal - veganism was unobtainable! ~ others, complete with serviettes and exquisite cutlery, were tucking in to the dead bodies of animals; and for all we knew, possibly, pate defoie gras and veal. Not to mention mouth-watering and sumptuous frogs legs and snails! Indeed, I was so grateful to The Almighty that I have morally evolved from their level of 'dining out in style'.

Admittedly, 'where ignorance is bliss it's folly to be wise'; but, surely, there must be times when Christians realise that the strong are put upon earth to protect the weak! If we haven't got that message across after over two millennia of Christian teaching, just what have our rival branches of Christendom been teaching? Actually, I sense they have been very much soaking up to whatever ruling powers there have been! It's a reminder of Pope Pius the Twelfths early sentiment towards the Third Reich: 'You give concessions to us and our priests, and we'll instruct our faithful to give full backing to you!

Politically speaking - apart from the Green Party - I sense the other parties would not stretch to consider the fate of weaker forms of life with whom we share this planet. But then I ask: how long are we going to share our life with anyone? At my age of 74 I could say that every day is a bonus. But then, is it not so for all of us? We go to sleep at night and may never awaken to behold another day. Our heart might give out at any time. The Bible aptly says: "There is but a step between me and death". Dear Reader, would to God that the likes of a Tony Blair, Patricia Hewitt, David Blunket, Lord Sainsbury and a Colin Blakemore realized the above! What a different country this would then be! Yes, and - as the good book says - 'after death the judgment, when we must inevitably reap what we have sown. But again, people don't like to face reaping what their life has sown so they are usually eager to find a scapegoat kind of a Faith. And such a concept is very much found in glib distortions of Christianity that, for selfish reasons, thrive: "Jesus paid it all brother". "His Father will not demand the penalty from you; Jesus took your place, and it covers sins past, present - yes, and future as well!"

Yes, how very convenient! No wonder that such a fundamentalism with its Calvinistic bias finds such an eager following these days; while deeply thought provoking approaches - comparable to those found amongst Unitarians and Quakers - appear to interest but a handful! I tell you: I've lived to see it all, and the way the masses of so many 'bom again believers' are hoodwinked Ė apologies to the masons! - is to my mind a matter of grave concern. Let us never, ever, underestimate animals; and not least because God has seen fit to create far more of them than of us. So - who knows? - we could be one of them next time round! As privileged humans we have a most awesome task to fulfil! Yes, to do what they are unable to do: improve the state of the world as guardian stewards of creation.

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