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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

Even a worse deviation is that of Male Bisexuals

Indeed, I feel that even a worse deviation is that of Bisexuality; and haven’t I come across them! One such pervert once struggled to get in to bed with me at an Oxford Group Conference. An occasion where women wore skirts almost to their ankles so as not to egg on the men folk present! Indeed, such a group of pious Oxford graduates with whom I once associated had to be seen to be believed. Their interpretation of immorality was primarily sexual. For while factors such as the moral claims for Veganism or the appalling evils of animal abuse seemed hardly relevant at all, my open confession to having been ‘turned on’ by a female parishioner resulted in much concern. Indeed, a charismatic cleric of their company assured me of the dangers involved. Then he went on to say that sex with a male would be much safer; and when we found ourselves having to share the same room that night I literally had to fight him off ny bed! Admittedly some females would say: ‘Don’t be so narrow minded James. Live and let live!’ Yet should the same women know that their partners were to want intercourse with them after having used a bloke’s rectum previous, they would no doubt be horrified to the core, and their partnership – not to mention marriage! – would cease.

It is, therefore, high time that we, as heterosexuals, openly criticized what both my dictionaries still refer to as buggery. But then its advocates should equally have every right to criticize our practice of sex as God biologically designed it! It is lethal that individuals be barred by any government from openly criticizing life styles - or indeed Faiths – contrary to their own. Unless we are vigilant, we’ll soon be forbidden to denounce ritual slaughter as perpetrated by Jews and Muslims. Indeed, have you ever tried getting a letter published on it?

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