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Summer 2005 Issue

The Guts Of An Elderly Lady and Her Daughter

When dear Violet Spalding and her daughter bravely walked up the isle of Wakefield cathedral, at the time of communion, with a cage of battery hens crammed, deformed – and as if out of Belsen – the assembled clergy didn’t know what message it conveyed. One or two later laughed. “But why the commotion?” they asked. “Battery hens still lay eggs, so they must be happy!” Such was about the limit of their argumentation. Well, I sense it need only be said that the millions of victims in the holocaust could still have been viewed as content, using the same analogy. After all, cleanliness and hygiene via chemical spraying was dished out on these poor unfortunates. They ate and drank eagerly; and Goebbels, with his twisted mind, could remark that he noticed how some males were able to have sexual erections.

Dear Reader, you and I are living in very evil times. Nevertheless, we can rejoice because – through it all, good IS overcoming evil. And just as Jesus our good shepherd was referred to as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, there was also another side to Him: He was ‘the light of the world’ and those who follow Him ‘shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life’. ‘I came that you might have life’, he said, ‘and have it in abundance’. You see, He saw it at times from a distance and not just close up. He withdrew from the crowds before important issues. He said to His disciples: “Come Ye Apart for a while”. And we must do likewise. And once we do, we’ll look down from the mountain plateau and take spiritual stock of how far we’ve come. We’ll see how far the so-called animal activist movement has come. We’ll see how its influence is so rapidly spreading. Yes, and we’ll then feel proud and honoured, indeed, to be living as active members of such a worthy, worldwide, movement.. Yes, in our various spheres, moral and spiritual ‘trail blazers’ to the glory of a wonderful God.

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