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Summer 2005 Issue

The Morals Of Respectable, Caring, Elderly Gentlemen!

I tell you that it’s just the same when, on an average, once a month I attend the local ‘retired business and professional men’s luncheon club’. The elderly gentlemen commend me for my vegetarianism, but somehow, feel no reason to follow my example. Yet, should an obscene word, an unkindly comment of another be mentioned, or a member appear without a tie, a bow, or - in my case a clerical collar – then they’d be told – quite clearly - to come back next month appropriately dressed or else to keep away as they would not be wanted.

Yes, such a fellowship is, undoubtedly, kind, most courteous, and not without much care and compassion. And should I begin to ask myself: ‘are these respectable and otherwise compassionate folk hypocrites, or have they been brain washed over the years as to what is morally good and what is morally disgusting. Well, I know the answer. The latter is the case. The buck rests no more with them than it did when they were told that there were no good Germans; and that to kill the enemy or else die for king and country was honouring to God. Yes, they are the victims of a past religious conditioning concerning what is right and wrong.

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