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Spring 2006 Issue

May This Easter Message Be A Comfort To You When A Loved One Dies

The glorious Easter season is once again upon us and we not only think about lambs and their value to the One we aptly call the Lamb of God, but we think of little chicks as well and how they break out of their shell in to the light of day. Well, haven’t you ever thought that before they broke out that they had been encased in utter darkness and that such an existence was hardly making sense to them? Strange things had, indeed, been happening. Upon their little faces two things we call eyes had come in to being; a beak had formed in their mouth; and – more strange still – two things had been growing out of their sides which was making them more cramped than ever while within a dark confined, cavern experience. These were wings in the making!

But then, one day – through passing through a momentary and frightening experience – they stretched out their beak and wings and a terrifying cracking experience occurred. Bu then, all sense of panic soon left as their eyes began to blink and, for the first time, they were beginning to see something they could never previously have envisaged. What a contrast this new world was compared to their previous dark existence. For the first time they knew why they had eyes. And, what is more, as they looked down and felt a pang of hunger, they began to realise that they had a mouth to give them exquisite experiences of taste as well as ability for sound. Yes, and before long, those strange encumbrances from their sides, which didn’t make any sense at all within the shell, would soon give them the ability to hop and then fly.

Dear reader, it is similar with us. Things occur within this life for which we simply have no answer. Many faculties – including spiritual and moral – begin to develop, and many of them just don’t make sense. But then, one day – and none is immune from it! – a traumatic and, sometimes, quite frightening experience occurs which each of us must solitarily pass through. It is our own passing in to eternity. And when this occurs it might seem as alarming to ourselves or to our loved ones as breaking through a shell. Yet, on the other side we begin to learn the reason for all those developing factors, many of which seem meaningless or utterly confusing on this side. So take heart when you are at the graveside or crematorium of the one you loved so dearly. Did not even St Paul say: “Ear has not heard, eye has not seen, and neither has it entered in to the heart of man what God has prepared for thoise who love him!”

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