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Spring 2006 Issue

The Pet Lover Image

I don’t know about you, but mixed images come to my mind. Some are exceedingly attractive. I think of those ‘living saints’: humble folk who share their home with stray and abandoned moggies and mongrels. But others are quite off-putting: those who mollycoddle pampered pedigrees for which they’ve paid a fortune. Yes, showing them off for some mistaken kind of, assumed, ‘upmanship’. Yes, docking their tails; or encouraging further breeding so that the poor creatures can only breathe with difficulty or only walk while their stomachs often trail the ground. Yes, and other types poisoned by chocolates and junk food!

Others are allowed to live with loads of their own kind while confined within human quarters that stink and become obnoxious for both animal as well as human alike. Well, having recently appeared on national TV I wish to emphasize that whereas the title they once ‘christened’ me with in the 1980s has stuck: ie: the animals’ padre! – this year’s reference to me as: ‘the pets’ padre’ is hardly accurate. For I’m sure you’ll agree that those requiring our number one priority for protection, love and care are the ones that most would forbid access in to their homes. I think of those sentient creatures intensively bred and horrendously abused for the carnivorous palates of Adam’s fallen race. And we vegetarians are far from guiltless if we buy those cheap dairy products that turn cows in to milk machines or birds in to batteries!

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