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Spring 2006 Issue

When An Incident Becomes More Than A Coincidence!

Dear Reader, I told you earlier about the message we can learn from an Easter chick. Hereís one concerning an insect. preached in church at Ďa saint of a manísí funeral. I told of how death, for a true practising Christian was comparable to a caterpillar casting off its chrysalis. No longer would its reasoning be from the perceptions of a creepy-crawly. Now it would be from the aspect of a creature with wings to soar. Well Ė no mistake! - it was January when I spoke from the lectern and, with people looking down at the front of the same, I wondered what had caught their eye. I certainly hadnít dropped any notes as Iíd been preaching extemporary.

Then, all of a sudden - creeping over the edge and on to the open Bible -there appeared an exquisite butterfly. Yes, God was surely confirming that what Iíd said about the passing over of this wonderful Mr Hampton was pleasing to Him. But that is not all! Doreen - who was the church organist - coming down the nave at the close of the service, was amazed to find this butterfly now resting in the favourite pew in which the deceased used to worship.

What a wonderful and truly glorious God is ours! And Ė if it be in His will! Ė Iíll tell you of other similar incidents in following editions of this quarterly News Letter. Meanwhile may His love enfold you.

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