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From Spring 2007 Issue

We Need To Listen To Our Bodies

A positive mind can achieve remarkable results, but a body worn out with facing perpetual horror and unalleviated gloom is bound to crack; and mine has more than done it once. And I’m actually writing this while awaiting a hip replacement. Yes, my mind would have me down at Dover Docks one day and off to Spain, confronting bullfights, the next. But my body says at 77 ‘James, I’m going to slow you down a bit as I don’t want you to go to Heaven as yet: you see, the animals here need you around a while longer’. Friends, long last, I’m beginning to realise that what this casing of a body tells me is for my own good. Without wishing to be in any way impertinent I wonder if you have as yet started to take notice of what YOUR body is trying to tell you?

I’ve been actively associated with animal rights since 1968 and have witnessed, first hand, many devout souls cracking up or else plodding on in a most decrepit and unbecoming state. Yes, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it does little good for our cause. There are those who – because of a consistent veganism – should be glowing adverts for the movement, yet many of them are dragging themselves along as if at death’s door. And there are many others who – though they might be the first to decry or pour scorn on animal tested drugs – are permanently on the same, themselves, because of a host of afflictions from high blood pressure to sleepless nights. Mind you, it would be a miracle if blood pressure remained normal after repeatedly antagonising the police as scabs. Yes, as much as it would be a miracle to sleep in tranquil bliss after having focused on photos and cuttings illustrating vivisectionists at work!

Let us never forget that Jesus, during a mere two and a half years ministry, preached a gospel which later transformed the world. You may ask: ‘how on earth could He have accomplished it?’ Well, He spent days and nights apart from others in solitude and prayer; and – quite paradoxically - much time in feasting, merrymaking and in associating with some of the most undesirable of folk. The fact is, His life was truly one of a mixed and varied diet, and I sense that much of ours needs to be the same. We must certainly ‘work hard’ for the animals; but if we are wise then we must also ‘play hard’ for ourselves; and whichever of these we are doing, one needs to be fully cut off from the other. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and we ignore that old saying to our ruin!

As far as communications with our fellow animal activists are concerned, let us talk of our successes, our breakthroughs and our victories. And, as we do the latter – focusing with gratitude on our achievements – then our feelings will be great and they will reflect in our countenance. Reliable psychologists assure us that ‘one positive thought is a hundred times more powerful than a negative one’. And, what is more: ‘our thoughts create our feelings.’ Positive ones create within us exhilarating feelings; whereas negative ones create emotions that result in feelings of doom and depression. And whereas the former revive and energise our bodies for further tasks ahead, the latter – dwelt upon! – result in lethargy and a downward spiral most injurious to the physical frame..

Why do I mention all this? Because the animal activist world frequently has an unhealthy proportion of dedicated folk who are not only doing havoc to the only body and mind that they have, but they’re also passing it on unwittingly – through a downcast spirit – to others within the movement as well. Consequently, we all need to assess our selves – certainly myself included! – and ask: ‘Am I a ray of sunshine to others (as my wonderful wife Doreen -who took the following recent photo in Rhyl, opposing blood sports - always is) or am I a damp squib? Well, God forbid!

Well, looking at the above photo, I sense I could have been a little jollier myself! Admittedly, I had painful knees but that is hardly a justifiable excuse. Judi, to the left of me - a former cabaret star - is 60 next birthday. She’s an optimistic vegan and it certainly shows! Amongst ourselves, we really need to spur each other on by dwelling on our achievements and not on our afflictions; upon our assets and never assumed debits. Is it not true that within the armies of this world no conveyor or harper on about misfortunes would be tolerated. Sometimes they’ve been taken outside the barracks and shot against the wall’ And all because they were guilty of undermining morale! Well, dear friends, we are in a warfare against appalling evil, so let us spur each other on positively, then we’ll feel not only great ourselves but also a wonderful inspiration to our colleagues.

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