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We Came Across Playful Bullocks Viewing Us Above A Gate

We Came Across Playful Bullocks Viewing Us Above A Gate

While on my way to Denbigh from Holywell, I happened to spot three bullocks peering over a fence and happy to make our acquaintance. Doreen was in the driving seat and we crossed over the road to the spare land near the gate in to the field. Indeed, as our car came to a standstill it appeared that these three young and inquisitive animals were most anxious to converse with us; yes, and even though there was quite a drizzle of rain in the air! Well, Doreen had done much driving, life had been very hectic indeed, and soon she was slumped in the driving seat quite shut off from the world outside. Yet these young bullocks of assorted colour kept looking at me through the windscreen down which the rain had made a few channels.

Well, I thought – though troubled with my leg – I’m going to get out of my passenger seat to waddle over towards these lovable creatures who actually appeared not unlike young children when they’re happy to be in each others company. Well, momentarily, on them spying my stick, they began to back away, but thankfully they stopped when I ceased approaching them further. ‘How could I tell them that I meant no harm but rather wished them all the luck in the world?’ I asked myself. Then. I decided to do what I sense God had called me to do as a padre for the animal kingdom. So, silly though non-believers might consider me to be - or very much lacking in what an animal liberationist might want to accomplish practically - I closed my eyes and in silence pronounced the Aaronic blessing over these bovine creatures. Yes, and doing so very much with their probable future destiny in mind. Here are the words of that blessing:

The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.. The Lord lift up the light of His countenance upon you and grant you His peace, both now and always, Amen (Numbers 6:24)

Well, when I opened my eyes, more had made their way from under the trees nearby to view me; and so I did the same thing, offering the same prayer over several more. And, believe it or not, when I opened my eyes, behold I found that more still had come out to look at me, several with their heads peering through the gate and others over it. Indeed, the procedure was repeated until the gate and fencing on either side were seen with such likable and sensitive creatures peering towards me with such a questionable stare in their eyes as to wonder what this life is all about. However, one thing seemed to impress them very much - and I don’t think it was just reading into the situation what I was imagining! - It was when I prayed that we might meet again in that New Jerusalem of William Blake’s. Yes, that greater Paradise of the Apocalypse; where the only ones excluded would be those who prolonged their own earthly existences here, through preying on weaker and more vulnerable life than their own.

Then, as I hobbled – indeed, almost stumbled back – to the car with the assistance of a stick, I turned once more to view those childlike creatures who had appeared not only aware of my temporary affliction but keen to see me without pushing another of their kind out of the way in the process. Yes, without a Mum or a Dad to teach them right or wrong, and void of any teacher to educate them - or, indeed, Parson to preach to them the virtues of kindness and mutual respect - I felt these creatures knew that I represented God. And I somehow knew that they would not be quite the same again because of our encounter. What is more, my heart filled up within and I realised that in the process of blessing them God’s Holy Spirit was now, more than ever, blessing and flooding my soul. I tell you: as I left that ethereal scene, through the slight drizzle and mist of an otherwise glorious day, and with gorgeous trees overhead, I felt I was not saying Goodbye to my bovine brothers and sisters but rather Orevwa!

Dear Reader, I don’t believe for one moment that the art of blessing is to be confined to clergy channels – even though thrice ordained oneself! I believe it to be the responsibility of every Christian to go around silently blessing others. And for those of us in this great cause of animal care, we are able to do this when unable to do, because of circumstances, little else. And believe me, such acts of grace are truly practical - to say the least. Then why not start from today? On one or two occasions I’ve parked our car on a bridge spanning a main motorway in to Wales; and as each vehicle has rushed beneath I’ve simply said words to this effect: ‘Whoever you are my friends, God bless and encircle you with His love’. Well, whether He did or didn’t, the blessings that began to flow back in to myself proved one thing at least.. It’s this: what you give out you get back sevenfold. Again, it’s just what The Master promised

However, efficacious as it is, we as animal activists will never confine the impartation of our blessings to a fallen humanity; for unlike the masses, our hearts as well as our arms go out to encompass and embrace the whole of creation. Yes, just as our Blessed Lord’s did when even nailed to Golgotha’s cross. He, our good shepherd, has the whole world in His hands, and the mind that was in Him needs also to be in us. So Dear Fellow Activist, this work of blessing is something YOU can do, and as you do it then you are sending out spiritual ripples, frequencies and transmissions that will prove more efficacious than we may dare to imagine.

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