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From Autumn 2008 Issue

A Meeting With Kindred Spirits

It was a privilege to be asked to speak, as well as lead a service, at Noddfa Catholic convent and Retreat House near Conway. We were there on the 10th and 11th of July! The food prepared by the nuns – vegan as well as vegetarian – was amongst the best that Doreen and I have ever tasted. Eggs were from the poultry that adorned the grounds outside by their presence. And to view unrobed nuns was most touching – I hope you interpret this correctly! They were true humility personified. Past friendships with former members of the ‘Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare’ – of which I felt so honoured to be a patron – were rekindled again. And not least – new friendships were forged; particularly meeting Don Gwillim the dedicated founder of ‘The Christian Vegetarian Association within the UK’. What a wonderfully gifted gentleman!

Thanks indeed to Irene Casey for arranging this superb ecumenical gathering, as well as teaching me how to dance. A brave venture! Yes, and congratulations to Debbie Jones on acquiring her PhD via a most relevant and important theological thesis!

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